Instagramable: Cupcakes

My friend Amanda recently accused me of instagramming too many cupcakes. She said she mixes up my Instagram account with that of CupcakesDaily. It’s not that I’m always eating cupcakes. Rather, I have two very creative friends (Kimmy and Caroline) who bake masterpieces every Thursday and deliver them to my apartment, usually while I’m watching Vampire Diaries. Am I lucky or what? Here are a few of the highlights:

Sick Day

I’ve caught some kind of cold or flu, so I’ve spent the day hibernating. I’ve been…


Eberjey Gisele PJs (the softest material I’ve ever touched)/LL Bean moccasins/fun Multitude hair ties


Thin crust eggplant pizza from Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza/Woodchuck Hard Cider (my favorite bottled beverage- tastes like a mix of champagne, beer, and apple cider)


What are you guys up to this weekend? Hope you stay happy and healthy!

Girls and some stickers…

After watching the season premiere of HBO’s Girls this Sunday night, I, of course, needed more of Lena Dunham which led me to stalk her on Instagram.  While looking through her pictures I came across the work of Payton Cosell Turner who is the genius behind the brand, Flat Vernacular.  Payton creates the most amazing wallpaper made out of what else but STICKERS and Lena’s bedroom is coated in this unique paper!  Take a look at Payton’s work…

Check out more of Payton’s work here.

Pretty Paper

Now that the holidays have come and gone…I am swamped with a to-do list filled with thank-you note writing.  I have always loved monogrammed paper and stationery because of its classic look.  However lately I have been smitten by hand-painted, whimsical cards like those from Quill & Fox and more unique paper notes like those from Tokketok.  What do you guys think, simply or fancy?


P.S. How cute is the paper from In Haus Press “Oh it’s nothing fancy, just a little cocktail party”?  Amazing.

Best of the Best: Golden Globes

How hilarious were Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on last night’s Golden Globes? If I could have lunch with anyone in the world, I think I would pick those two… Overall, I was fairly impressed by the night’s fashion. Nothing was too too exciting, but I thought most stars looked really good! Kerry Washington was my favorite, with Isla Fisher a very close second. Here are a few of my favorite looks (I will spare you from my least favorites in an attempt to start the week on a positive note).

All photos from People

My favorite movies from the past year are:
1. Zero Dark Thirty: an honest, intense depiction of the capture of Osama
2. Silver Linings Playbook: a cheerful, playful treatment of dark issues
3. Les Misérables: a touching story with beautiful scenery and phenomenal music
4. Queen of Versailles: a fascinating peek inside the financial demise of a very wealthy family (note: I adored this documentary, but Catherine found it too depressing)
5. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: a sweet multi-narrative of British retirees living in India

And my fun picks:
6. Pitch Perfect: anything with the hilarious Rebel Wilson is worth seeing, in my opinion
7. Hunger Games: adventure, danger, and romance
8. The Bachelorette: great cast (Kirsten, Isla, Rebel, etc.) dealing with real issues
9. Looper: a thriller that really makes you think (I recommend The Bource Legacy for this reason, too)
10. Magic Mike: Catherine’s going to kill me for this one…