To Read: Beach Reads

I adore reading. When I have the time to read, I absolutely inhale books. I can’t wait to head to the Dominican Republic next week and read all day everyday (how nerdy do I sound right now?). My true literary loves are contemporary non-fiction and classic romances set in past centuries (Pride and Prejudice is my absolute favorite book). Last week, I stumbled upon an insanely amazing roundup of fiction recommendations from Daily Candy. I quickly pinned over a dozen books and downloaded the following 6 beach reads for my vacation (one book per day). I had to throw in one book about murder to stay true to my crime junkie roots…

1. Semi-Charmed Life: the naive ghost writer of a blog gets swept up in the glitzy, yet dark, side of New York
2. Sad Desk Salad: a gossip blogger stumbles upon irresistible scoop but wavers on whether or not to release it and destroy the victim’s life
3. Wild Girls: a teenage girl tries desperately to escape the curse of becoming a murderer like the rest of the girls at her Appalachian high school
4. The Diviners: a young girl investigates occult-based murders in 1920s New York
5. Guilt: a series of short stories based on real murders that call into question the nature of guilt and its effect on ordinary people
6. Girlchild: a young girl pretends to be a Girl Scout to mentally escape her trailer park reality

Do you have any good book recommendations to share?


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