Marnie With a Side of Shoshanna

I’ve had Girls on the brain lately. Catherine introduced me to the show early in its first season and I’ve been a loyal viewer since. I don’t love, or even really like, the show, but I feel compelled to watch. I found the first season to be an accurate portrayal of our strange generation. It was honest, raw, and realistic- it covered getting cut off, finding a job, moving into your first apartment, fighting with friends, starting relationships, trying to make ends meet, etc. The second season was quite strange and less realistic, but, for some reason, I still tuned in every Sunday night. I suppose I like the unglossy, realistic view of post-college life that so few shows offer.

It appears Deborah Lippmann is a fan of the show as well. She developed a seriously covetable collection of Girls-inspired nail polish. There are 4 shades: Hannah is “hapless hunter green,” Marnie is “prim and proper pink,” Jessa is “bohemian burgandy,” and Shoshanna is “virtuous and vivid violet.” I’m thrilled that my two favorite shades correspond with the characters I think I’m a mix of: Marnie and Shoshanna. Who would you be?

P.S. I love these Sh*t Shoshanna Says videos my roommate found.



2 thoughts on “Marnie With a Side of Shoshanna

    • Isn’t it?! Every color seems so perfectly thought out and really captures the essence of each character. I would buy each shade on its own. I love that they didn’t just throw ugly colors together and throw the Girls name on it to make the collection sell. P.S. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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