Last Week in Instagram: 4.29.2013

Last week was one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long time. I spent every free moment I had with friends, whether out to dinner, drinks, frat parties, or just watching Real Housewives. I celebrated life and spring and friendship and birthdays and all that is good in the world. I finally feel like I achieved the work/life balance I’ve always searched for (but now it’s back to papers on papers before the end of the school year).

All photos from Charlotte’s Instagram {charlottemyers}

Click It While It’s Hot: 4.26.2013

Friends Garance Dore


This weekend, you should…

  • Work on your technology addiction.
  • Perfect the ideal praise-to-criticism ratio (5.6 positive comments for every 1 piece of criticism).
  • Fix the 10 words you mispronounce that make people think you’re an idiot (confession: I never knew I mispronounced “often” before reading this).
  • Read Garance Doré’s lovely thoughts on friendship.
  • Learn why smart kids grow up to be heavier drinkers…
  • then die of laughter at 27 reasons kids are pretty much just tiny drunk adults.


Microtrend: Pavé Diamond Studs

I’ve been loving pavé diamond studs lately and really want to add a pair to my daily jewelry uniform. I found at least four pairs of them while scrolling through my jewelry board on Pinterest. All of the pairs are at wildly different price points. One of the pairs below costs 20 times more than the other- can you guess which is which?

BaubleBar ($22)/Dana Rebecca Designs ($440)


This past weekend was Colgate’s annual Spring Party Weekend, a multi-day celebration full of frat parties, concerts, and other events. The weekend was kind of my baby, as my roommate and I are were in charge of planning it. We spent 6 looong months planning and were thrilled with the result. It was one of the best weekends of my life. Four artists performed: Goo Goo Dolls, Giants of Science, Jesse Marco, and Fareoh. Each of the artists was different and each added a lot to the weekend. There was a beer garden, a ton of food, and inflatables at the concerts too- it was our own mini Coachella. Now it’s time to sleep… and get my voice back.

All photos from Charlotte’s Instagram {charlottemyers}

Love Yourself

This video, Dove Real Beauty Sketches, is a must-see for any female from 4-104. The video shows how women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. We all need to work on loving ourselves more.

Microtrend: Updated Classics

I’ve been feeling restless lately- a little bored, a little stressed, and a little unsure of what to do next. To escape my own mind, I decided to crack open a book on Sunday night. Reading is the best way for me to distract myself. I was reading The Expats on my iPad, but I would rather have been thumbing through one of these gorgeous editions of Jane Austen’s classics. I love a good 19th-century romance.