Click It While It’s Hot: 4.26.2013

Friends Garance Dore


This weekend, you should…

  • Work on your technology addiction.
  • Perfect the ideal praise-to-criticism ratio (5.6 positive comments for every 1 piece of criticism).
  • Fix the 10 words you mispronounce that make people think you’re an idiot (confession: I never knew I mispronounced “often” before reading this).
  • Read Garance Doré’s lovely thoughts on friendship.
  • Learn why smart kids grow up to be heavier drinkers…
  • then die of laughter at 27 reasons kids are pretty much just tiny drunk adults.


Click It While It’s Hot: 4.12.2013

Chateau de Campuget Costieres de Nimes Tradition Rose 2011

A mix of work and play this week:

Click It While It’s Hot: 3.22.2013


Good reads:

Click It While It’s Hot: 2.15.2013

There was too much good stuff on social media this week. My Instagram feed and Google Reader were out of control with beautiful pics from fashion week. Here are my favorite links of the week:cd041be80a348939bd73f428351f997b

{via Man Repeller}

Have a very special weekend! xo