Happy Hour: Sparkling Grapefruit Sangria

I can’t even explain how desperate I am for a pitcher glass of this sparkling grapefruit sangria from How Sweet Eats (the funniest, cutest food blog out there). I adore champagne sangrias- the bubbles and the sweetness scream happiness to me. Add strawberries and grapefruit and I’m sold. Apparently, I was allergic to strawberries when I was little but refused to stop eating them. My mom just gave up trying to keep me from them. I guess I’ve always been stubborn…

Happy Hour: 3.21.2013


My dad and I knew we wanted a cocktail last Saturday night, but we couldn’t decide what we were in the mood for. When I looked in the fridge and saw the grapefruit flavored Pellegrino (prettiest cans ever), I was inspired to try out a recipe I had pinned earlier in the week: the Paloma. Turns out they’re refreshing and super easy to make. I was also excited that a) they’re green-ish AKA perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, and b) I actually made one of the 7,000+ things I’ve pinned!

Start by rimming your glass with salt. Do this by running a slice of lime around the rim of the glass and then rolling the rim on a plate of kosher salt. Fill the glass with ice. Add 1 part tequila, 3 parts grapefruit soda, and a squeeze of fresh lime. Mix thoroughly.

My dad’s verdict: an A+.

Happy Hour: 2.7.2013

I love a good cocktail and pick one over a glass of wine 9 times out of 10. My liquor of choice is vodka (I always splurge and get Grey Goose as I find it far superior to any other brand). Vodka mixes well with almost anything, but my very favorite addition is St. Germain (elderflower liquer).

Mix equal parts vodka and St. Germain over ice. Top with either champagne (for a boozier kick) or club soda (simpler and calorie free), and squeeze in lots of lemon. Cheers!