Microtrend: Pavé Diamond Studs

I’ve been loving pavé diamond studs lately and really want to add a pair to my daily jewelry uniform. I found at least four pairs of them while scrolling through my jewelry board on Pinterest. All of the pairs are at wildly different price points. One of the pairs below costs 20 times more than the other- can you guess which is which?

BaubleBar ($22)/Dana Rebecca Designs ($440)

Microtrend: Updated Classics

I’ve been feeling restless lately- a little bored, a little stressed, and a little unsure of what to do next. To escape my own mind, I decided to crack open a book on Sunday night. Reading is the best way for me to distract myself. I was reading The Expats on my iPad, but I would rather have been thumbing through one of these gorgeous editions of Jane Austen’s classics. I love a good 19th-century romance.