Rabbit Rabbit: April 2013

What a difference a week makes! This weekend we had sunny days and melting snow at Colgate instead of inches of powder. I’m sure we’re not done with snow for the year, but I was excited to wear my sunglasses for the first time in months. I hope you all have a sunny start to your month. Does anyone have any fun April Fools’ Day pranks planned?

Winter at Colgate University

All photos from Charlotte’s Instagram {charlottemyers}

Rabbit Rabbit: March 2013

Hello March


Happy March! Although the month is starting off snowy, it brings tropical travels for both Catherine and me. Catherine is heading off to Mexico, while I’ll be in the Dominican Republic! I can’t wait to lie on the beach, swim, sip piña coladas, read books and magazines (instead of schoolwork), and s l e e p. What’s on your agenda for the month?